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LICS Hosts North London Council of Mosques

On Tuesday 24th May LICS we’re very blessed to welcome and host members of the recently formed North London Council of Mosques. The meeting was very positive where members agreed that by working in unity to address common problems or issues the Mosques will be stronger. We pray Almighty Allah will bless, guide and strengthen this union for the benefit of our Ummah.

North London Council of Mosques

(current membership)

EIC Al-Masjid, Edmonton

Enfield Town Islamic Centre

Heart Enfield Mosque

Islamic Asdociation of North London

Jalalia Jamme Masjid, Enfield

London Islamic Cultural Society

MCEC Palmers Green

(Planned) Southgate Mosque

Mevlana Rumi Masjid, Edmonton

Seven Sisters Masjid

Rep from Waltham Forest of Mosques


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