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LICS 40th Year

Salaam To All. Sunday 23rd LICS held a celebratory event. Hundreds turned out to reflect and share in this inspiring programme. The new hall was full with members, friends and special guests.

Everyone heard stories and messages from Captain Peter Baker, Cllr Lester Buxton, Mayor of Haringey, Cllr Peray Ahmet, Raj Singh, High Commissioner of Guyana, Brother Kaderia, Haji Matin Cllr Adam Jogee, Bro Osman Khatri, Chris Silva and Peter Hewit our Safer Neighbourhood Team, Vice President LICS and Architect Haroon Pobee.

The congregation heard beautiful recitations of the Holy Quran from young LICS Madrassah students Saifan , Imran, Zaid and Zayyaan Uddin

The President Sister Bibi expressed her thanks to our dedicated and supportive community who worked with us to achieve all that we have done. All that has been achieved has been done by our community.

It was a moving and at times bitter sweet as many remembered their loved ones who were once part of this unique and dynamic Society.

She spoke about Brother Alli and the vision he had and the way in which Trustees, the community and Helpers are continuing the legacy. A big thank you to Bro Mashood for streaming the event.

Thanks was expressed to Bros Abu Bakr, Kawsar Ahmed, Abdul (Taste of Nawab), Foodhall, Taher, Smart Buns, Sis Tahera, Kelo, Abida, Shirley and everyone who contributed dessert.

The President presented a gift to Brother Sheerul expressing thanks in supporting her and the Masjid. She thanked all those who give their time to help.

Our MC for the day Brother Imran Alli, Secretary LICS conducted the programme masterfully. Brother Imran presented a trophy to the President for her years of dedication and support to LICS.

Throughout her address Sis Bibi thanked all those who helped to make this event a successful one.

The President thanked Sally Khan for the outstanding map of Guyana made with Lego bricks. On display there was a display of flags showing all the LICS attendee countries

May Almighty Allah allow LICS supported by its community continue to progress with excellence. Always improving and supporting our diverse community. Ameen

Watch LICS 40th Celebration Event Here:


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