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My dear Brothers and Sisters



You will all know our Masjid was closed for the recent lockdown.

This was really hard again for our attendees and the Masjid. The Masjid has been closed this year for 5 long months.

From** 2 December *the Masjid will be open daily for: *Zuhr (1pm) Asr (2pm) Maghreb (4.02pm) and Isha (7pm). _Times will vary for Maghreb so please check timetable on website. _

Jummah will be at 12 noon & 1pm. You **must book **your prayer space on line.

All usual rules apply:

🟢Physical distance applies

🟢Registration for new attendees

🟢Wear mask at the gate.

🟢Use the sanitiser given by Masjid.

🟢Use the foot cover given by Masjid.

🟢Bring your own prayer mat.

🟢Temperature test.

🟢 Wudu/toilets NOT open

🔴No children under 12.

🔴Anyone over 70 must be careful and encouraged to pray at home.

🔴The Masjid will close after each prayer.

🔴The Masjid will open 10 minutes before daily prayers and close 10 minutes after. _NB. There will be no Sunnah after Zuhr. _

🔴The Masjid will open 30 minutes before Jummah and close 10 minutes after.

Brothers and Sisters the Covid virus is still with us. People are getting sick. We make no apologies for taking safety actions to protect us all.

Please help us to make this task an easy one and we ask that you are respectful to our Helpers. Jzk


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